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Welcome to the most powerful "no code" automation builder for legal service professionals.
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What is a legal practice automation?
Most legal practice automations take the form of a guided interview that populates documents (breakdown of what you can build). The true innovation behind is the creativity of our users in deploying this technology.
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The range of automations you can build with the platform make it suitable for any type of legal practice organization.
It’s like Legos for lawyers. All the blocks; you put them together as your needs and ideas dictate.”

Gabriel Teninbaum

Suffolk Law School
I was surprised by the intuitiveness of the platform as well as the limitless possibilities.”

Ashley McGee

Memphis Bar Association
Very easy to use. Allows me to get something straight from my head and out into the public.”

Greg Siskind

Siskind Susser LLP
Easy to learn and ready to scale
With your free Community.laywer account, you have full access to three browsed-based tools for building legal automations.

App Builder

Quickly build simple online forms, then add features to create what we call Legal Apps:
Automate documents (Word, PDF, emails)
Conditional logic based on user-inputs
Sync with your database
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A spreadsheet-style database that can act as the backend for all your Apps. This ultimately allows you to automate documents in two quick steps:
  1. Select a row of data
  2. Select one of your Legal Apps to use that data to populate a document template(s)
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Client portals

Branded web portals where users can access your Legal Apps and their data.
Customizable on a per-user basis
Invite any kind of user; does not need to be "clients" per se
Flexible paywalls
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We've been building expert systems at our law firm for well over three years... has set itself apart.”

Josh Waddell

Siskind Susser
I've looked into a lot of different options for building my own expert system... It was a revelation when I discovered this.”

Greg Anjewierden

Debt Brief
I am 76, retired, no computer background, and used this as a volunteer at the local legal Aid. I prove that anyone can build an App with your system."

John Potter

Judge (retired)

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