app builder

Just add legal expertise

If you can build online forms, you can use the App Builder to create guided interviews that populate documents, connect with databases, collect e-signatures, payments, and more.
Edit Page Blocks to create the "front-end" of your Apps.
Use conditional logic to encapsulate legal rules.
You have many options for styling your Apps.

Form editor

Your App is essentially an online form that asks different questions depending on user inputs.

Document automation

Populate Word, PDF, or email templates with information collected from end-users or pulled from a database.

Send emails

Send emails to yourself or others. Include files and document templates as attachments.

Conditional logic

Create logical rules that determine what questions are asked, how documents are populated, and more.

One-click hosting

Distribute your App online with a shareable link or public marketing page.

Collect payments

Collect payments directly through your App or sell the App itself to other legal service professionals.
case studies
Get inspired by what others are building
Most legal practice automations take the form of a guided interview that populates documents (breakdown of what you can build). The true innovation behind is the creativity of our users in deploying this technology.

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