Spreadsheets that are optimized for document automation Apps can send data to, and pull data from, our database product. If you've used Google Sheets or Airtable, this will be easy.

Relational data

Link 2+ tables together with "Has many" and "Belongs to" columns.

Push / Pull data

Use Apps to send data to, or pull data from, your Workabse.

Store files

Spreadsheet cells can include files such as PDF and .docx.
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The range of automations you can build with the platform make it suitable for any type of legal practice organization.
It’s like Legos for lawyers. All the blocks; you put them together as your needs and ideas dictate.”

Gabriel Teninbaum

Suffolk Law School
I was surprised by the intuitiveness of the platform as well as the limitless possibilities.”

Ashley McGee

Memphis Bar Association
Very easy to use. Allows me to get something straight from my head and out into the public.”

Greg Siskind

Siskind Susser LLP

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