Browse through hundreds of templates that you can duplicate, customize, and activate with the Community.lawyer "no code" development platform.


Discrete legal service products.

Accredited investor assessment

Allow member of public to determine their accreditation for private securities offering.

Form a Delaware company

Help small businesses generate corporate filings.

Rent overcharge claim

Guide renters through drafting and sending a letter to their landlord.


Help someone clear their criminal record by making the appropriate filing.

Power of Attorney

Allows someone to answer a few questions and draft a MN Power of Attorney.


Simple and creative ways to collect new client data.

Client intake

Simple triage and intake form

H1-B Intake

Helps lawyers find out whether or not a situation qualifies for an H1-B visa.

Estate planning intake

This App provides a model for conducting client intake for estate planning matters

Intake to Google Sheets

Simple intake form that populates data to Google Sheets.


Detailed examples of how to use powerful features.

Query database

Ask the end-user a question, take their response and search through your Workbase for associated records.

Re-populate PDF with Workbase data

This pattern is a great way to quickly generate new drafts of templates using pre-existing data.


Use Clio as a database for your Apps to push / pull from.

Self-help product

Generate new leads by offering free self-help tools for discrete services.

Intake + Engagement Letter

Collect info, draft engagement letter, and create a new Contact and Matter in Clio with the letter attached.